Heavy-Duty Truck Repair & Fleet Services in Memphis, TN

TCB Truck Service provides top-rated heavy-duty truck repair & fleet services from our shop in Memphis, Tennessee. Our diesel mechanic team brings decades of truck repair & maintenance experience to your truck & fleet. We work closely with commercial fleet managers to ensure your vehicles stay on the road and operate as they should. Get in touch with TCB today to schedule the heavy-duty truck repair & fleet services you require!

Mechanic performing heavy duty truck repair in Memphis, TN
TCB team

We Are TCB Truck Service

Welcome to TCB Truck Service, your premier heavy-duty truck & fleet repair shop nestled in the heart of Memphis, TN. Our shop boasts three state-of-the-art bays and a team of highly skilled mechanics, each dealership trained and armed with a wealth of experience of over 30 years of combined expertise.

TCB Truck Service proudly serves a wide range of locations within an hour's drive of Memphis, TN. Whether you're in West Memphis, AR, Olive Branch, MS, Collierville, TN, Bartlett, TN, Millington, TN, Southaven, MS, Wynne, AR, Hernando, MS, or Forrest City, AR, our team is ready to cater to your specialized truck repair needs. Our solutions-based approach, technical expertise, and unwavering commitment to open communication and customer satisfaction set us apart from the competition. Reach out to us today and experience our excellence in repairs.

Looking to buy or sell your truck or trailer?

We're your trusted partner in the world of trucking and transportation. Whether you're in the market for a quality vehicle or want to get the best value for your asset, our experienced team is here to make it happen. We offer a wide selection of well-maintained trucks and trailers for buyers, and if you're selling, we ensure you get the top dollar for your equipment. With our expertise and network, we make the process smooth and efficient. Contact us today to explore your options and drive your success in the trucking industry!

Truck in Memphis, TN

Our Heavy-Duty Diesel Mechanic Services

With our commitment to precision, honesty and customer satisfaction, TCB Truck Service is proudly Memphis' go-to partner for all your diesel mechanic needs. We optimize and maintain your trucks so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy maximum performance and efficiency.

Diesel mechanic performing DOT inspection in Memphis, TN

Commercial DOT Inspection

Need a commercial truck DOT inspection in Memphis, TN? Give TCB Truck Service a call! Our diesel mechanics specialize in DOT inspections, and we'll make sure your commercial truck or fleet meets all necessary regulatory requirements while prioritizing the safety of your drivers and the public.
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Dynasys APU Installation & Service

As the leading Dynasys APU dealer in Memphis, TN, we specialize in the installation and service of APUs that keep your cabin comfortable, your engine off, and your operating costs down. For fleet managers looking to equip their trucks with a reliable APU, TCB Truck Service is your go-to solution.
Diesel mechanic performing fleet services in Memphis, TN

Fleet Services

Want to cut down on costs? Trying to improve your fleet's productivity? With TCB Truck Service's fleet services located in Memphis, TN, we'll help you optimize your operation with our specialized truck PM service, commercial DOT inspections, and comprehensive repairs.
Diesel mechanic performing general diesel truck repair services in Memphis, TN

General Diesel Repair

When it comes to general diesel truck services, trust TCB Truck Service for all your needs. Our truck mechanics in Memphis, TN, understand the unique demands placed on medium and heavy-duty trucks, and our team is dedicated to providing the quality services you're looking for.
Diesel mechanic performing pre-purchase inspection in Memphis, TN

Pre-Purchase Used Truck Inspection

If you're about to invest in a used medium or heavy-duty truck, you'll need all the information you can get. With TCB Truck Service's thorough pre-purchase truck inspections in Memphis, TN, we'll uncover any hidden issues, arming you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision.
Diesel mechanic performing preventive maintenance services in Memphis, TN

Preventive Maintenance

From our quick A PM package to our in-depth C PM service, TCB Truck Service has you covered. Our truck PM service is designed to meet the demands of trucks and fleets across Memphis, TN, and with our certified team of mechanics, you know you'll be getting the quality service your business deserves.
Diesel mechanic performing Wet Kit Installation in Memphis, TN

Wet Kit Installation

Thinking about installing a crane on your truck? At TCB Truck Service, we offer expert wet kit installation services for our customers in Memphis, TN. We cover everything from custom-fit hoses to PTOs, so you can depend on your hydraulic components to perform as expected.
Dynasys logo

Dynasys APU Installation & Service

Optimize your fleet with TCB Truck Service, a licensed dealer and service center in Memphis, TN for Dynasys APUs. Our commitment to excellence means that your trucks benefit from state-of-the-art APU technology, helping you cut back on wasted fuel while maintaining in-cab comfort.

Our Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Services

With our best-in-class brake, suspension, HVAC, and engine repair services, we'll have your truck or fleet back up and running in no time. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive truck repair services and to schedule service in Memphis, TN!

Diesel mechanic performing axle repairs on semi-truck in Memphis, TN

Axle Repair

With TCB Truck Service’s expertise, cutting-edge facility, and skilled team of diesel mechanics, we are committed to providing you with high-quality truck axle repair in Memphis, TN, no matter the extent of the damage. We’re here to help keep your fleet or truck rolling smoothly.
Diesel mechanic performing brake repairs on heavy-duty truck in Memphis, TN

Brake Repair

When it comes to truck or fleet safety, brakes are a top priority. AT TCB Truck Service, we emphasize the importance of keeping your air brake system in check—with our heavy-duty truck brake repair in Memphis, TN, we’ll make sure your braking system works like new.
Diesel mechanic performing coolant system repair services in Memphis, TN

Coolant System Repair

Selecting the proper coolant for your truck or fleet is one of the foundations of a successful business. That's why TCB Truck Service in Memphis, TN, assists truck owners in making the right choice when their coolant system is in need of TLC.
Diesel mechanic performing electrical repairs on semi trailer in Memphis, TN

Diagnostics & Electrical Repair

An electrical and truck diagnostics program can bring your business heaps of benefits if you want to get ahead of the game. With the advanced diagnostic scanning and electrical repairs at TCB Truck Service in Memphis, TN, you won't have to worry about problems developing during your trip.
Diesel mechanic performing driveline repairs on semi truck in Memphis, TN

Driveline Repair

Rev up your fleet's performance with TCB Truck Service, the driving force behind exceptional truck driveline repair in Memphis, TN, and beyond. As a premier medium and heavy-duty fleet truck repair shop, we're passionate about keeping your trucks on the road and your business flourishing.
Mechanic performing EGR & DPF repair on a semi truck in Memphis, TN


TCB Truck Service’s expert truck mechanics in Memphis, TN, are dedicated to optimizing your truck's performance, reducing emissions, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. With our EGR & DPF services, you’ll experience all the benefits of an efficient aftertreatment system.
Mechanic performing engine repair on a semi truck in Memphis, TN

Engine Repair, Rebuild, Overhaul & Conversion

Every day your truck is in the shop is a day it isn't making money. With TCB Truck Service’s quick and high-quality diesel engine repair in Memphis, TN, we make it a priority to reduce your downtime. Plus, our truck engine overhaul, rebuild, and conversion services give you the options you need.
Diesel mechanic performing Exhaust Repair on a semi truck in Memphis, TN

Exhaust Repair

If you’re in need of exhaust system solutions, TCB Truck Service is here to help you out. Our expert truck exhaust repair in Memphis, TN, won't only fix the glaring problems but also tackle the underlying issues. From fixing broken tailpipes to replacing manifolds, we have everything you need.
Mechanic performing Express lube services on a truck in Memphis, TN

Express Lube

Fleet managers and truck owners all aim for the same thing: increasing efficiency without compromising on quality. That’s why with TCB Truck Service’s Express truck lube in Memphis, TN, we’ll get your fleet or truck ready to operate within a fraction of the time of conventional service shops.
Mechanic performing HVAC Repair on a semi truck in Memphis, TN

HVAC Repair

The importance of HVAC system maintenance cannot be overstated: it’ll keep your drivers nice and cool on scorching hot summer days and warm in the middle of winter. At TCB Truck Service in Memphis, TN, we’re adamant about truck AC repair, HVAC system maintenance, and more.
Mechanic performing oil & fluid service on a truck in Memphis, TN

Oil & Fluid

Whether you’re running a box truck delivery service, a regional freight hauling company, or working independently as a contractor, TCB Truck Service’s comprehensive truck oil change and fluid service in Memphis, TN, will help you achieve an efficient and reliable operation.
Diesel mechanic performing suspension repair of a heavy duty truck in Memphis, TN

Suspension Repair

From leaf spring replacements to air ride suspension maintenance, TCB Truck Service’s expert truck mechanics in Memphis, TN, have the skills backed by the technical knowledge to fix any of your medium or heavy-duty truck suspension problems.
Diesel mechanic performing Transmission & Clutch Repair on a semi truck in Memphis, TN

Transmission & Clutch Repair

Got a bad case of slipping gears? Are you hearing grinding noises when you shift? These are telltale signs of transmission and clutch problems. At TCB Truck Service, our qualified truck mechanics in Memphis, TN, are here to provide you with the solutions your fleet or truck needs.

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